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Many students finish education without the abilities that the marketplace requires. Techmetrica Education solutions with cognitive technology help teachers and students improve outcomes from kindergarten to employment. With Techmetrica Education solutions and services, you can personalize learning, increase research capacity, and optimize operations.

The education industry is challenged by digital disruption to reinvent and prove relevance. Techmetrica research reveals how educators are achieving improved outcomes through cognitive systems.

Why we better than others ?

We have experience of creating education portals for institutions/ organization to empower them with the advantage of technology. Institutions can conduct and manage course curriculum, admission process, learning schedule, online classes, examinations and scoring. We can create an app for the convenience for the user of the educational portal to enhance their experience.

Our expertise is not limited to the above functionalities and we can develop your custom education website / portal according to your practices.

Here are some features of education portals we developed:

  • Admin Panel
  • Calendars
  • Course curriculum
  • Class Management
  • Student Management
  • Forums
  • HR & Payroll
  • Admission Management
  • Fees (Payment gateway)
  • E-learning Facilities
  • Mobile App


Development of technologies have changed the way of interaction with physical world. There was a time that it was almost impossible to study and attend classes from your home through computers and internet, but advancement of technology has made this possible. The popularity of online technology has made it necessary to bring change in your traditional working system. Students and Parents are more attracted towards internet which has made development of education portal, an integral part for the success of an educational institution. If you want to make your identity effective in an educational field, then there's time to think about e learning software development.

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